Signa electronic signature services prices

The prices indicated below apply to electronic signature creation services provided in publicly available Signa products: Signa Web service, Signa Desktop (Signa 2010) program.

From November 1, 2023 signing using Mobile-ID and Smart-ID services in publicly available Signa products is allowed only to those who have registered and providea access keys. Those services are provided for free only if small amounts of signatures are created and total cost of signing services provided is less than 1 € per calendar month and per acces key (excluding VAT).

The following Price List applies to signing services in publicly available Signa products:

Signing service Price per signature (without VAT)
Mobile-ID (mobile electronic signature) 0,20 €
Smart-ID 0,20 €

This means that registered users of publicly available Signa products don't have to pay for signing services if they create 4 or less Mobile-ID and Smart-ID signatures per calendar month. Mobile-ID and Smart-ID signatures are counted together. Signing with stationary electronic signature creation devices (cryptographic USB tokens, ID cards) in publicly available Signa products is not limited, will continue to be provided for free and does not require user registration.

Please, follow this link to register to Signa electronic signature services.