Signa Mobile-ID and Smart-ID electronic signature services updates

The information presented here is important for users signing with mobile electronic signature in publicly available Signa products: Signa Desktop (Signa 2010) application and Signa Web service. It is also important for those who want to sign with the Smart-ID in Signa products.

For a long time, we offered the signing with mobile electronic signature in publicly available Signa products for free. We covered the related costs ourselves and paid the service provider, Lithuanian mobile operators are cooperating with, for the Mobile-ID (so called mobile electronic signature) service. Due to a change in the pricing of the provider's services, there is no possibility for us to further cover costs of mobile signing. Therefore, in order to ensure the continuity of services, we switched to the provision of paid services.

In order to continue using mobile signing in the Signa Desktop (Signa 2010) application and the Signa Web service, from November 1, 2023 it is necessary to register: sign the contract and receive an access key to use during signing. You can register here:

Registration is free, simple, and should not take more than fifteen minutes. Both individual users and companies (institutions, organizations) can register. In the latter case, registration should be done by an authorized representative of a company, and the received access key can be used by all its employees. Employees do not need to register separately.

From November 1, 2023 it is mandatory to specify the access key in the Signa Web service during signing. Signing with mobile electronic signature in older (released before October 1, 2023) Signa Desktop (Signa 2010) applications has stopped working on November 1. To sign using access key in Signa Desktop (Signa 2010) application it is necessary to install its latest version from the MitSoft products page.

The good news is that both Signa products now offer the possibility to use the Smart-ID service under the same conditions as Mobile-ID.

The price for both Mobile-ID and Smart-ID is the same - €0.20 per signing transaction, plus VAT. If the total number of these signatures does not exceed 4 signatures per month, you will not have to pay.

For those who want to use signing for free, stationary signing can be used as alternative, for example, with a Personal Identity Card or USB cryptographic tokens issued by the State Enterprise Centre of Registers. Signing with these means does not require registration or use of an access key.

More information on pricing of services: